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We work with you to produce solutions that work for your site and corporate culture whilst complying with the relevant legislation and guidance.

We are supportive not confrontational, we look for how we can make things work together, not tell you what is wrong and leave you to it.

Our Story

Water treatment is a fascinating and very large subject. Having worked in the industry for over 39 years in all aspects of a water treatment company, Nigel Richardson, has a deep understanding of the subject with a passion to pass that knowledge on to others.

Meet Nigel Richardson

Nigel loves helping others understand the subject of Legionella bacteria and the issues it raises. He runs all of the training courses, acts as Expert Witness and is Authorising Engineer (Water) for numerous health Trusts within the UK.

Nigel Richardson

Managing Director


Nigel Richardson

Nigel spent the first 14 years of his carrer running water treatment sites, which included cooling systems, steam boilers, process water systems and hot and cold water. He then managed a water treatment chemical and equipment manufacturing facility which as well as manufacture included procurement, logistics, quality and health and safety.

From there Nigel worked in Brazil as President of a water treatment acquisition before returning to the UK to be Director of European Logistics for a major water treatment company.

Deciding he then had many diverse experiences that would benefit other water treatment companies he founded and ran a company supplying other water treatment companies with the products they could sell to their customers.

At the same time he founded and ran a company offering dedicated services regarding Legionella.

Finally he decided that it was time to offer a higher quality of Legionella services to end users, water treatment companies and solicitors which is when he founded, and is Managing Director of, Collaton Consultancy Limited.

Next Steps…

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